Nose and Sinus


Allergies can affect the nose and making it runny and congested. This is usually a result of inflammation that leads to discomfort, excessive mucous production, postnasal drip and cough. In order to reduce your uncomfortable symptoms it is important to identify the allergen that causes this inflammation on contact in order to avoid it. In addition, there are many effective treatments for an inflamed nose.

Besides allergy, there are other causes of an inflamed nose that can be properly diagnosed and treated by your physician.


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The sinuses are air filled spaces in the face and skull that communicate and drain into the nasal cavity. Children are born with two pairs that develop in to four on each side in adulthood. When the nose is inflamed, it affects the drainage of the sinuses and leads to inflamed sinuses. Frequent infections can be a result of allergies affecting the nose. However, infections sinusitis may be a sign of a more serious systemic illness or immune deficiency that needs to be addressed by your physician.